Evanescence at The Palladium in Carmel, IN

With new life bred into the music, Evanescence delivers a rousing performance to the sold out crowd inside The Palladium in Carmel, IN on Saturday evening.

Since announcing a new album and a tour to support it, the buzz around the rock band Evanescence has been electrifying.  Tickets for shows are disappearing as quickly as the shows are announced.  Such is the case here at The Palladium in Carmel, IN where tickets were bought up within hours after going on sale.  Along with the record set sell out, this also marks as the first time a rock band has stood on a stage at The Center of the Performing Arts.

Evanescence is made up of co-founder, pianist and lead vocalist Amy Lee, Jen Marzu on guitar and back up vocals, Troy McLawhorn and Tim McCord on guitars and Will Hunt on drums.

Evanescence is taking the country by storm right now as they return from a four year hiatus bringing with them a new album and tour to support.  The new 16 track album Synthesis is a collection of earlier songs from the past three albums rejuvenated by a fresh new arrangement to give them a new life along with two new songs.  Dismissing the overbearing sounds of guitars and drums the new album is a mixture of orchestra and elctronica giving each song a new life of it’s own.

The Synthesis Tour is a three part tour that consists of a 29 city US tour, four shows in Australia and 18 in Europe.  The show in Carmel marks the 19th show of the US tour.  Each night the band will be joined by an orchestra on stage to accompany the new musical arrangements.  In Carmel, a 28 piece orchestra is separated and joins the band on each side of the stage.

The show begins with the orchestra performing a series of arrangements by Beethoven, Mozart and others.

After a short warm up by the orchestra and a brief intermission, Evanescensce enters the stage with Amy Lee sitting at the piano.  In the opening “Overture” you can almost feel her soul pouring out through the keys as she strikes each one methodically.

Alternating back and forth throughout the evening’s performance, Amy stands at center stage giving her strong vocals room to ring out as she is powerful but soothing at the same time.  As she takes time out and “thanks everyone for coming and filling this beautiful place,” she makes sure to turn and show appreciation to those that are seated on the backside of the stage.

Keeping the crowd captivated and locked in, the band performs songs from all three previous albums Fallen, The Open Door and Evanescence that make up the Synthesis album.  The 19 song set list includes two new releases “Imperfection” and Amy Lee’s solo project “Speak To Me” along with those “Lithium,” “Bring Me To Life,” “Your Star” and “My Immortal” that have become synonymous with the Evanscence name.  With those stand out hits the crowd reacts back in large cheers as they dance and sing along.

The highlight of the evening comes during her chilling performance of “Lost In Paradise.”  As the song ends the stage turns into total darkness except for a single spot over Amy Lee that slowly dims away as she leans backward into the darkness.

Performing the newly arranged songs off the Synthesis album with the assistance of the orchestra has allowed each song to flourish and give more light to the classical arrangements that seemed to have gotten buried and hidden behind the guitars and drums on the original versions.

Although the stage still has a dark presence, the band has progressed like the music has, altering from a classical goth rock image to a classical rock band being accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Amy Lee is happy as she is fulfilling a childhood dream of being able to be in a band and play with an orchestra.  She has a new album out now where the songs are finally the way she has heard them in her head and wanted to perform them.  In return, her fans are approving and supporting her and the new found music.

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Evanescence setlist:

  1. Overture     2. Never Go Back     3. Lacrymosa     4. End Of The Dream     5. My Heart Is Broken     6. Lithium     7. Bring Me To Life     8. Unraveling     9. Imaginary     10. Secret Door     11. Hi-lo     12. Lost In Paradise     13. Your Star     14. My Immortal     15. The In-Between     16. Imperfection     Encore 17. Speak To Me     18.Good Enough     19. Weight Of The World

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