Paris Comes To Chicago

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Coming to you again with another review! On Thursday July 26th, I had the amazing opportunity to view the beautiful song and dance of “An American in Paris”. Based off the 1951 film, the musical stage production comes to you by Composer and Lyricist Gershwin  and  Gershwin and book by Craig Lucas. The music kept it’s classic Gershwin appeal, which was pleasing to this one, me, musical theatre loving palette.  To be honest, I did not know what I would be walking into, when seeing this fabulous show. I tell you this, it was a wonderful experience of beauty and dance, literally.  The strength of this show is the beautiful dance numbers!

Costume and Set Designer, Bon Crowley did a beautiful job at capturing post war France. With it’s vibrant choice of colors. I was so encapsulated by the transition from each scene. I am such a huge fan when the director uses dance as scene changes.

The highlight of the show of course was the dancing. OH

GEE the dancing!!!!!! Slay all day! If classic ballet is not your thing… it’s okay, you have to go to the show, for that alone! So graceful and just beautiful. Christopher Wheeldon, did such a fabulous show casing every cast member skill. I haven’t clutched my pearls so much! The elegance and  beauty of each piece was absolutely magnificent.

Overall I give this show 4 ballet flats!

Go check out An American in Paris now playing through August 13th at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago, IL!

For tickets please visit their website at

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