Suicide Squad Review

I know, I know…Suicide Squad has been out for a few weeks and I’m just now seeing it. I was very hesitate on seeing the movie for two reasons; the minor reason was I am and always will be a marvel fan. So I was afraid of writing with a bit of bias. The other reason is the main reason – and the most prevalent. I was afraid the movie would have a feeling of being rushed. I was not off by much with this fear.  It started with Batman vs. Superman and continues with Suicide Squad, and within months The Justice League. The Movie started off with a steady pace as it set up the backstory of several of the main characters; Dead Shot, Harley Quinn, and The Enchantress; but then BAM!! There is Slipknot. What the?? What??  Within minutes they are on their first mission and in walks Katana. Once again – What? Who? It’s one thing to introduce new characters in the middle of a movie, it is totally another to use them as filler and not explain why they are there.
Then of course there is the issue of The Joker. For the last few months the media has played up Jared Leto’s performance of the Joker. There was talk about reshoots because the movie was too dark and heading toward an R Rating. Social Media focused on the practical jokes that Jared would play and his costars and how he lived the role. Then he was in the movie a total of 30 minutes. This too led to the feeing of the movie being hastily put together. There was plenty of opportunity for more character development there which in turn would have helped support Harley’s Development. Speaking to the “too dark” aspect, I have two words for you – Heath Ledger!
Don’t even get me started on Will Smith’s portrayal of Dead Shot being the same as his characters in I AM Ledged and Hitchcock. I’m sure he could have developed a deeper character given more time and material.
DC is in such a rush to catch up with Marvel Studios that the movies are suffering character development and strong story lines. DC needs to take note of Marvel’s successes as well as failures and take time to develop the “cinematic universe”. For example, how many Hulk Movies did we sit thru before they found Mark Ruffalo and there still was more development in The Avengers than either of those movies. Slow down – take your time and build is all I’m saying. But unfortunately due to these two let downs – I probably won’t see Justice League.

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