Thompson Square at Shipshewana Event Center in Shipshewana, IN

Starting the year with new music and a tour to follow, Thompson Square performs to a full house in Shipshewana to kick off 2018.

The 2012 Country Music Association’s Vocal Duo Of The Year Thompson Square visits the Shipshewana Event Center on Saturday evening introducing new music throughout the show as they prepare for a 2018 tour.

Bringing a bit of humor, romance and great harmonies to the show keeps the near capacity crowd entertained during the 90 minute set for this husband / wife duo.

Performing hits from two previous studio albums Thompson Square (2011) and Just Feels Good (2013), they include hits from an upcoming album due out later in the year.

Keifer and Shawna open with the up-lifting 2015 single “Trans Am” to get the show started.  By time the song concludes people are singing and dancing along in their seats.

Adding a new song “Stuck In My Head”, Keifer talks about the new album being just finished and will be released a bit later in the year.  He then asks if this is normal weather or if it is cold, because he is cold and shivers to the crowd for a laugh by Shawna and the crowd.

During the song “Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About,” Keifer takes the right side of the room as his “party people” while Shawna takes the left side as her “sexy people” for a crowd participating cheer competition.

“Make It Rain” is the next new one on the upcoming album.

Taking a moment to talk to the crowd, Keifer talks about how he and Shawna have been together for 20 years and the work that is involved with having a 2 year old baby.   He adds how they left their record label and went to just being a family as that was a priority over the music.  Now recently, they have gone back and recorded new music and are going to be releasing an album later this year.  The show in Shipshewana is the first show of the year as they begin to tour again.  Thanking the crowd for the support over the years, they continue on with hits for their fans.

Showing the romance the two continue to have for each other is evident as you watch them sing and feel the words as they perform their second #1 single “If I Didn’t Have You.”

As they continue to alternate back and forth between Thompson Square classics and new music, “Love Like This” is added to the show and is introduced as the first single off the new album.

The highlight of the show came as Keifer and Shawna are singing “I Got You” and come to a band break.  As the music stopped you could hear a young lady in front continue to sing aloud.  The crowd and Shawna laugh and applaud as Keifer falls to the floor rolling in laughter that they catch someone singing at the break.  Talking to the fan, she tells how it was her Birthday and her parents have surprised her with tickets to the show.  They conclude by asking her to help finish singing the song with them.

Keifer then adds to the crowd that this is a spot in the show where they would normally walk off and let everyone cheer them back to the stage for an encore.  Humorously he adds that if he did that this evening he would keep walking….”right out to the restroom, because I have to go pee really bad.  Way too much water before the show”  Shawna laughs and asks Keifer if he has ever heard of “TMI.”  He responds back that he only wants to be honest with their fans.

Next, Keifer looks over at the video screen to the side of the stage and asks Shawna if his hair is really that high as he runs his hands across it.  He then comments that it just springs back as he shakes his head back and forth.  “alot of AquaNet in effect.”

Adding that this will be the last song of the evening, he tells how this new song “Let’s Do Something Stupid” is his favorite song and of how he and Shawna got together.  Meeting in a bar in Nashville where they were both in a singing competition, he poured on the charm and it worked.  Being together for 20 years, it worked for him and he now claims that sometimes doing something stupid can actually turn out to be the best thing you do.

Introducing the band, each musician takes his moment and jams out a rock tune.  The band consists of Elton on drums, Matt on guitar, Anthony on guitar and keys and Victor on bass guitar.  Victor plays a part of Bon Jovi’s “Living On A Prayer” while Shawna sings the vocals saying it is “Karaoke Night With Thompson Square.”  As Keifer asks if they can sing another song, Shawna says she is ready for summer to come.  Keifer then laughs and says “it is summer here” causing the crowd to break out in laughter again.

Continuing on, the band rolls right into “The Joker” by Steve Miller Band while the crowd sings along to the classic tune.

The show concludes with their first #1 hit “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not” which ends with Keifer and Shawna receiving a standing ovation from the crowd.

After the completion of the show, Thompson Square takes time to make everyone feel special by meeting with their fans at their merchandise table giving everyone an opportunity for a photo and quick chat.

Opening the show for the evening are local standouts The Hubie Ashcraft Band from nearby Fort Wayne, In.  The band consists of Hubie Ashcraft on guitar and lead vocals, Travis Gow on fiddle and mandolin, Missy Burgess on bass guitar and Tim Thurston on keys.       

The band starts with a quartet acapella version of the 1940’s hit “Cotton Fields,” before “Walking In Memphis.”  With their slogan “It’s hootin’ nanny time,” showing off their musical spectrum the band fires up the crowd with “Rocky Top” and “Orange Blossom Special.”

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Thompson Square setlist:

  1. Trans Am     2. Here’s To being Here     3. Stuck In My Head     4. Everything I Shouldn’t Be Thinking About     5. Make It Rain      6. If I Didn’t Have You     7. Love Like This     8. Glass     9. Stupid Girls     10. I Got You     11. Let’s Do Something Stupid     12. The Joker (Steve Miller Band cover)     13. Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not

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