I Thought I Saw A Dragon

So last week Pete’s Dragon opened up nationally at the movie theater. The original Disney version was released in 1977 and was full songs and animation. This one still has the animation but it is more the CGI kind and there is no song or dance, but there is the same number of tears. The story still revolves around an orphan who realize on the help and love of his pet dragon to survive the bad things that he encounters in the world. But those are the only similarities.

Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford and Karl Urban head up a very talented cast; but the one that steals the show is Oakes Fegley as Pete. His soft appearance and overly heartfelt facial expressions rip at the heart strings and draw all the attention. I remember the original version from my childhood and I don’t remember welling up – let alone crying. This version got me twice. The story of how Pete was turned into an orphan and meet Elliott is also new and well written. It makes the story more complete than the original. This is made possible due to the strong acting and good story line. Overall, this version is one to see with the family.

Disney has begun revisiting their original book of classics. According to Wikipedia Disney has 55 animated full length movies to pull from as of 2016. Disney already released Alice in wonderland, Cinderella, and Maleficent; which was based off Sleeping Beauty. Every time they revisit a classic – they adapt it to be more modern or to take a different look at the subject matter. To me this is the draw of these movies. They are not the original – and they make sure not to steal anything from the original. This in turn keeps some of our childhoods in tack – in my opinion. Yet it still allows us to enjoy these movies with our children and make them theirs.

Average Joe

Growing up in a military family, Joe moved around often as a child. New places meant new faces and it was easier to slip into the life of music and movies than to make new friends. Joe used media and pop culture to escape the daily stresses of growing up and being an adult. After working in music and bookstores for over ten years, Joe pursued a degree with aspects of photography and literature. Now working with different festivals based in music, comics and movies; Joe is a down to earth straight shooter when it comes to reviews. With a more everyday "average" look on every thing Joe rounds out our writing staff.

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